Mobile App Protection. Why Is It So Important For Your Business? – Semalt Knows The Answer

Alexander Peresunko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, is going to show you on a simple real-life example why it is important to protect your mobile apps from being attacked by bots and scrapers.

Various companies give preference to Mobile First business strategy to personalize the experience of their global as well as local customers. Myntra is India's best and one of the largest online fashion stores. It was the first who switched to using an App Only mobile application, which claims to be the best regarding sales and services. Of course, you can also adopt this business strategy, but some security risks are always involved.

There are some misunderstandings that mobile apps are more secure than the websites in terms of prevention from bots, web scraping, and protection of content. But when we check the details, we would get an idea that a lot of problems are accompanied with both your websites and mobile apps. Thus, everything needs protection from scrapers and bots. Every day, a lot of problems occur at websites and mobile apps that need your attention and hard work. If you want to give an edge to your business, then the best option is that you allow yourself some time and get rid of bots and scrapers as soon as possible.

Mobile apps let users consume information and data that is accessed through various web services. These web services and their data are vulnerable to scraping. Your web content can be stolen for different purposes by automated programs called bots. If you want to get rid of them, you would have to block their IP addresses as it is the easiest and best way to prevent the arrival of bots.

It would not be wrong to say that the problem of bots is one of the biggest problems for mobiles and websites. Companies lose a lot of data and sensitive information online because of these bots. They crawl through multiple applications to steal or duplicate your data, leading to spamming of apps that cater to a variety of genuine users and customers.

How Bots Impact On Your Business

Famous applications like Tinder and Snapchat have been fighting bad bots for several months. They are reportedly hampering the visibility and credibility of their businesses, causing inconvenience for the customers and users to a great extent. Most recently, a dispute between Myntra and another unnamed company was reported. The latter was able to port Myntra's apps and content on different websites and domains. It led the company to shut down many of its services because the customers stopped trusting Myntra and its products. They considered it a non-legitimate desktop version and started removing it from their systems. The risks were paramount in this regard, and a lot of questions came to our minds. One of those questions is every app or business needs protection from bots or not?

Securing Mobile App API

It is very important for the app-based businesses to secure their mobile apps and their features from the bots. They would have to employ excellent security solutions that can safeguard their data and web services from malware and bots. It is not an easy task and may require a lot of your time and efforts. Even the antivirus software and anti-malware tools are good for nothing as they do not guarantee the desired results.